Welcome To Poseday Property Solutions

When you want or need to sell your house, the one thing you want to achieve is a fast sale for a fair price. Getting the right deal in this day and age can, sadly, be anything but as straightforward as it should be. We’ve all heard – or worse experienced – stories of long drawn out dramas when selling houses. To put your house on the traditional market is to leave yourself open to time wasters and chancers, all building your hopes up of a sale despite the fact that they have no intention of buying.

  • Poseday Property Solutions give you the certainty of knowing that you have a cash buyer for your house, with the exchange arranged and completed within a matter of days.
  • No matter what your personal reasons or financial considerations are in seeking a fast sale for your property, we are here to help.
  • As an authentic, real cash buyer with us you have a genuine guarantee of sale. Our services are fast and efficient, and do not put you in as part of a dreaded sale chain.
  • We pride ourselves on a transparent service – we don’t hide charges or legal fees from you, and our consultancy is obligation free.

We are the ones to help you avoid this worst case scenario. Our instant cash buy offers are exactly what they say they are. We offer a fair price that meets an amicable balance between the value of your property, the market conditions and your wish to get the deal done as fast as possible.

No matter what the size, nature, condition of your property is – or what area it is in – we want to talk to you. Let our dedicated property cash buyer experts show you how we can give you the fastest, best deal possible if you want to sell your home in a hurry.